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So you have been set up with a PCS search and you want to know how to get around...

PCS is a Personal search that lets you catagorize the properies that you like/don't like and are unsure about.

After you divide the properies into the three catagories, your PCS will maintain a record of listings, allowing you to go back and research - sale prices, price changes and history.

It also allows you to unclutter the inbox of new properties 

Here is a quick guide on how to get around the searches

With PCS we can set up many searches but you have to be able to switch betwen them

on your opening screen it should look like this 


As you can see there is a drop manu and you can select from the different searches (of course if you want to customize searches just let me know and I can set them up exactally how you want them)

Ok with that done the next step is sorting your first Bunch of listings 

to do that click the "to View ->" link on the FIRST listing on the list

you will then see the "navigation pane" that looks like this...


It is easiest if you remove the listings that you have no interestin so simply by using the navigation tabs at the top you can flip through the listings

When you see a listing you have no intrest in check the TAG box... go through to the end and then close[X} the window 

You will now be back on the front page of your PCS and it will look like this (with all the selected propeties tagged)

how to pcs.png

You can now move the listings to the "removedd listings folder"

Repeat for your Favourites and Viola you have now cleaned up the inbox...

There may be a few listings here that you can't decide about and that is OK as NEW listings become available you can view them then send them to the folder they belong. additionally when properties get sold you can move them to the removed listing folder

Whit the listings catagorized I can be sure to try and include all the listings you are interested in when we tour, I can also draw from the undecideds,

After the tour you can remove the listings that have fallen out of your favorites and we (and the market)  will very quickly narrow it down