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Anyone can tell you they're great at what they do. I'd rather show you, or have some share their experience. Here are a few testimonials I've received recently; hopefully they give you a good sense of who I am and how I work.


Buying real estate can be overwhelming, especially in the high-pressure Vancouver market. Hootie is a calming influence amid the frenzy. He helped us buy a property at our pace, while also recognizing our individual needs and goals. Hootie clearly has deep knowledge and understanding of the market, and how other agents work, which proved to be invaluable in our purchase. He is truly a buyer's advocate. I recommend his services to anyone looking for a smart realtor who, by the way, also has a good sense of humour.

Brenda B, East Vancouver. August 2016

From the moment we met Hootie, we could tell that he wasn't just another REALTOR looking to sell us something over our budget or without much consideration for our actual needs.  His honesty was refreshing and his approach to showing us a wide array of options to suit our needs was very much appreciated. In addition, he went above and beyond in some ways to protect us from getting into an agreement we weren't comfortable with or didn't have all of the information on. For example, we had an offer accepted on a condo but still had questions to answer before removing subjects. So we went to the Strata AGM and that gave us the information we needed.

At first, neither of us was particularly thrilled about the requirement to have a REALTOR, which is one of the reasons it took us over a year to start seriously looking for houses when we moved to Vancouver. We knew that we didn't want to get pushed into a quick sale for the wrong reasons and we figured that most real estate agents wouldn't be as patient as Hootie was with us. 
We’d absolutely recommend Hootie to other people! Beyond being a good REALTOR, Hootie was great to work with and made house hunting a little less of a chore. His personality makes him easy to trust and his knowledge spans beyond real estate into renovations and inspections too. Additionally, he strongly encouraged us to do things to protect ourselves (i.e. home inspections, etc.) which came in handy in negotiating our offer.

Katie & Tom G., Coquitlam

Hootie helped me move back to Vancouver from Quebec, and looked after me every step of the way, from when I gave him my initial instructions to the day I took possession of my new home. If you’re a woman on her own, Hootie is a great REALTOR to work with. I felt safe, unthreatened and confident my best interests were always his top priority.

I came to Vancouver for a three-day visit with the objective of buying a new home during the trip. Friends had referred me to Hootie and, despite the tight timeframe we had, he got the job done! The first day we met, he picked me up at my hotel, on time and prepared to show me exactly the kind of properties I wanted to see. The next day, he had another extensive tour set up and we continued our search. While I was adamant I didn’t want to live in a high rise or a new building, what I really appreciated about the second day was that Hootie showed me properties outside the parameters I’d set; not to encourage me to change my mind, but to give me a broader perspective, and help me be sure about what I wanted.

Hootie has a lot of knowledge about building and renovations, which not every REALTOR I’ve worked with in the past has had. In every property we looked at, Hootie showed me things a building inspector would normally spot, good and bad. That gave me confidence that whatever place I decided to buy would not be filled with expensive surprises. The other thing I loved about Hootie was that he was with me on moving day! No other REALTOR has done that, but Hootie was there to make sure everything worked exactly the way it should.

The apartment I bought met all of my original search criteria, and I am very happy here. But Hootie planted a seed, and I think the next time I buy, it might just be in one of those properties I didn’t want the first time around. Hootie will be the REALTOR to make that happen.

Linda P., Kitsilano


What we really like about Hootie is that you get what you see – no pretense or BS – unlike what we’ve experienced in the past with other REALTORs. We never feel Hootie is trying hard to impress us; instead, he proves just how great he is at his job, by being honest, straightforward and representing our interests at every step of the way in our real estate transactions.  

During the search for our current home, what we found invaluable was Hootie’s understanding and experience in construction. He educated us about what to look for in renovations and new builds in order to spot potential problems, and often pointed out things we missed in our excitement over a particular feature or property, even if it meant telling us something we didn’t want to hear in that moment. 

Hootie really takes care of his clients and is always looking out for their best interests. Today, we consider him a friend. We will absolutely work with him again in the future, and recommend him to everyone we know who is looking for a professional REALTOR to help them sell or buy property.

Rob & Patricia N., North Vancouver

As first time home-buyers in a competitive market, the thought of finding an honest REALTOR and purchasing a house in Vancouver was beyond daunting. Thankfully we were introduced to Hootie through a personal recommendation and his frank advice and informed judgement made all the difference to us finding our perfect family home. Having since talked with friends about their experiences with realtors, I can say that Hootie went above and beyond the usual service offering - with his time, his attentiveness and the fact that he was totally committed to finding us what we wanted. To this day, other realtors in our neighborhood use our purchase as an example of what buyers should try to land - an above average house for under asking price.

It was only because of Hootie's knowledge, perseverance, and experience that we found our home - and I might add, had a lot of fun in the process. I can safely say, that we are some of the only people who look back at the experience of buying a home fondly. When we outgrow this house and it's time to buy again, we would only be comfortable going there with Hootie.

Thoren H., Vancouver (Kensington)

My wife and I were considering selling our home and moving into a Vancouver condo. We had worked with over half a dozen realtors over the years & although they were all pretty good, none of them were top drawer in our opinion so when a friend of ours suggested we contact Hootie, we did.  What we liked most about working with Hootie is that he understood, and had no problem with the fact that our relocation was going to take some time and yet made himself available to show us all of the areas in the city to make sure that we were able to make a well informed decision prior to selling. When we sold our home, Hootie found us the perfect waterfront condo that was move-in ready with all of the features that were important to us.

Hootie was clearly the best realtor we've ever worked with, he is highly intelligent, very well informed & looks at each property with a critical eye pointing out not only the positives but also the tangible and intangible negatives that may be overlooked by even the most discerning buyer.

Hootie IS our realtor and we continue to refer him to friends, family and whoever we meet that is disenchanted with their buying/selling experience.

John P., Vancouver (Yaletown)


If you want more information, or to talk to someone in person, give me a call at 778.834.4668 and I will happily provide references.